Bright ideas to make your work day better.

We have over 14 years of experience working with micro and small businesses.

Kelsiek Consulting focuses on:

  • Efficiency: do more with less
  • Automation: stop doing that thing you hate
  • Accuracy: prevent common errors and save some hassel
  • Satisfaction: improve the experience so you're happy, your customers are happy, everyone's happy!

We're also family owned and operated, just like the good old days.

The Faces Behind the Curtain

Christopher Kelley

Frontend designer, usability enthusiast

Chris is big on ease-of-use and simplicity, whether he’s working on a new feature, streamlining an interface, or managing our business. As the company frontman, he'll be your point of contact whether we're building you something new or fixing something broken. He's also our copywriter. (That English degree finally came in handy.)

  • In his off time: Chris enjoys sightseeing, hiking, and untangling his cats from his beard
  • Favorite drinks: Strong cold brew & dirty martinis
  • Best at: Usability, communication, user-facing design, copy


Kamryn Nordsiek

Backend developer, perfectionist

Kamryn's experience and attention to detail allow her to do what she loves: streamlining businesses. She’s passionate about removing impediments and making life easier for the owners and clients alike. This nerd started programming for fun way back on dial-up, and is very glad her GeoCities site has been (hopefully) wiped from the internet.

  • In her off time: She enjoys hiking, creating art, and trying out video game mods
  • Favorite drinks: Soy lattes & beer
  • Best at: Planning, problem solving, optimizing, backend development
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